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MINE Manufacture has been dedicated to the research, development, production, marketing, and brand service for a full range of consumer electronics and pan-smart home products. In the below sectors: MIRRORS: SMART SENSOR MIRROR, DESKTOP COSMETIC MIRROR, BATHROOM SHAVING MIRROR, HANDHELD MAKEUP MIRROR, PORTABLE TRAVEL MIRROR, MINI POCKET COMPACT MIRROR. 3C ACCESSORIES: WIRELESS CHARGERS, USB CHARGERS, HUBS, USB CABLES, HDMI CABLES, HEADPHONES. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: FANS, RECHARGEABLE LIGHTING PRODUCTS, ELECTRIC KETTLES. INTELLIGENT DIGITAL PRODUCTS: DIGITAL WIRELESS BABY MONITOR, BREAST PUMP, FETAL DOPPLER. MINE is built on innovation and we are constantly upgrading products by using the latest technology, materials, and manufacturing methods. We always adhere to the customer-focused principle, continues to innovate based on the needs and demands of customers, strive to provide its customers with dedicated and world-class products. We serve OEM and ODM customers for over decades and all our items will ship with certificates which you need. We are here to support you with a solution to your ideas. Talk to us for OEM and ODM services.
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MINE Technologies Co., Ltd.
MINE was founded in 2014, Our mission is to fulfill every family’s needs in the smart home ecological chain. MINE Tech is an innovative technology company that researches, develops, and markets pan-smart home application products based in Chongqing China. With the hope to create imaginative products with the combination of technology and design, to bring the users a fresh, interesting, and wonderful product experience. We believe quality technology and high-performance products are accessible to every family.MINE has strong technical advantages and more than 100 patents, also registered our trademark world-widely. We have been repeatedly awarded iF design, IDEA design, K-Design, and High-tech products. Our R&D team has the comprehensive capabilities of both software and hardware development. Core Technology ranges from weak signal detection, optical signal recognition, electronic circuit control, and action recognition algorithm to combinatorial algorithm. Successfully independently-developed interactive optical sensor module, low power Bluetooth/WIFI interconnection module, wireless fast charge transceiver module, and other sectors. MINE Manufacture is a Chinese national high and new-technology producer of consumer electronics and pan-smart home application products. Provides professional one-stop OEM, ODM, and PCBA service. With over 9000 ㎡ production plants located in Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province, China, capable of 8 SMT Siemens production lines, 10 DIP wave soldering lines, and 10 Finished products assembly lines. Our manufacturing plant passed the ISO9001 2015 and ISO14001: 2015 audits. All our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. In the future, MINE will keep looking forward to establishing mutual trust and long-term cooperative relationships with more worldwide customers. THE BEST OR NOTHING.
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